Appreciating architecture



At Krivic Built, we are passionate and committed to transforming your dreams into a reality. As a multi-award winning builder with a recognised reputation for quality workmanship, we treat every project as a unique opportunity to create a living environment that withstands time and trends. These naturally form into ‘landmarks’.


With over 30 years in the construction industry, we promise quality, value and service.

We provide a personalised service with a dedicated ‘hands on’ approach and work directly with you, in collaboration with architects and the construction team as one.

This achieves outstanding results. 


At Krivic Built the client is the primary focus and this is reflected in our business philosophy of ‘quality and not quantity’. We are not a volume builder and will embark on a maximum of 3 new individual homes per annum, this ensures attention to detail and the customer service your project deserves.